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These gorgeous knit style boots are made from a premium quality merino wool blend, and is popular with those who are interested in a trendier look. You can fold the knit over, pull them all the way up over your calves or scrunch them down in a casual style. The extra thick fleece insoles will feel like a cloud and keep you warm as you go about your day.


The Most Comfortable Boots In The World, Guaranteed.



  • The Worlds Softest Fleece - 100% Australian Merino
  • Premium Quality Merino Wool Blend Sweater Upper
  • High Grip EVA Sole


  • Independently Rated The Most Comfortable Boots
  • Double Stitched For Extra Strength
  • Non-Slouch Reinforced Suede Heel




    Amazing Australian Merino

    Our unique fleece is so soft, after just a few wears the super fine natural Merino fleece and buttery soft suede leather will mold to the exact shape of your foot. You've never experienced comfort like this before.
      We recommend wearing Ozalia's with no socks. Enjoy the luxury and softness between your toes. Don't worry, our magical unique fleece is 100% natural and won't retain odours. It also wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry.
        Guaranteed to be the most comfortable boots you've ever tried, or your money back. Click here for details.



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