Our Story

We are a group of young Australians who travelled the world having all sorts of adventures like climbing mountains in the Himalayas, riding an old motorbike around India, hitch-hiking around Europe, trekking in Iceland and laying on Bob Marley’s bed in Jamaica.

Whilst travelling in Mexico, many people asked us about Australian boots and where they could get them. After doing a bit of research, we couldn't believe there was basically only one dominant company selling these boots, and they were so super expensive! Over $200 for a pair of boots seemed crazy to us.

We thought... hey, we can do better than that!

Our aim was to create the worlds most comfortable boots

at a more affordable price


Quality and comfort comes first, and from the very beginning we decided we weren't going to cut any corners. It's difficult to source, but we use only 100% Australian Merino twin-face fleece, other brands don’t and it’s the softest in the world.

In fact, we guarantee your OZALIA’s will be the softest, most comfortable fleece boots you’ve ever owned, or your money back!

Animal welfare is very important to us. That's another reason why we only use 100% fairly sourced Australian fleece, as Australia has very strict Animal Welfare standards. Our fleece is also dyed using eco-tanning technology, it is widely considered the most environmentally friendly technique. Being Australian, naturally we are environmentally conscious.

After finding the right sheepskin and eco-tanning options, next was finding the manufacturer who was as concerned with quality and the small details as we are. After years of testing and working with many different manufacturers from all around the world, we have found the right team and the quality really is world class. It’s amazing. Some professional reviews say the construction of our boots is even better than the biggest brand in the world. Tick!



We've labeled the boots to reflect the luxurious footwear that they are. Every pair of OZALIA boots has a classy metal logo on the heel, giving a modern and fashionable finish. We have also teamed up with Swarovski® crystals from Europe, to take our boots to the next level. All of this is a reflection of the quality of OZALIA.

Over the last 7 years our boots have been in over 150 stores around the world, including some of the largest department stores Sears and Liverpool, and many other fashion outlets including The Athletes Foot.

After all this time and hard work, we are proud because we believe we have succeeded in revolutionising the boot world. You can now own a pair of the worlds most comfortable, water resistant fleece boots for as little as £95 delivered to your door, anywhere in the UK.