Why Ozalia's Are The Smarter Choice


Twin-face merino fleece has a number of scientifically researched benefits which are not present in other types of leathers and is one of the many reasons you should avoid fakes. A greater volume of air circulating between thicker and denser woollen inner fibres has a similar effect to double insulation in the roof of a modern home. Warmer feet in winter and cooler in summer.

Spending more on boots that aren't as warm is insane!


Most of our fleece boots come pre-treated with our exclusive Water + Stain Resistant Technology. This exclusive technology acts like an invisible shield and will help protect your boots from small spills and accidents. Your beautiful twin-face fleece boots will retain their natural good looks for longer! For more information, please see here.

Fleece is used in Australian hospital beds because it’s very effective at evenly distributing pressure. A fleece fibre can be bent over 20,000 times and spring back to its original shape. No other fibre can match this performance. Synthetics loose shape in less than 2000 bends. This means in an authentic fleece boot, the heavier parts of your foot, calf and ankle will be supported and pressure evenly distributed. An even distribution of pressure results in improved circulation and a feeling of walking on air.

The thicker and springier inner fibres stretch out further to hug your foot from toe to the top of your calf. Reviewers often comment that compared with other brands, Ozalia boots stay in contact with the calf while others tend to fit a little loosely allowing cooler drafts to circulate. Twin-faced fleece is a soft leather which will stretch and shape to meet the contours of your foot within 1-2 weeks of wear. The thicker inner fibres and self shaping leathers create an unrivalled level of comfort.

Fleece fibres are thick and absorb over 30% of their own weight in moisture. A synthetic fibre will absorb a paltry 2% by comparison. Moisture is quickly absorbed by the fleece fibres and removed by the circulation of warm air between the fibres. This is one of the largest differences between high grade fleece boots and lower grade synthetics. The upshot is that foot odour is quickly absorbed and neutralised while synthetic boots eventually end up offending those nearby. This is also the reason we sell a great deal of boots to those in warmer climates.

Our twin-face fleece contains higher amounts of lanolin. Lanolin is a natural oil which has been extracted from fleece fibres and applied to skin as a very effective moisturizer. It has also been used as a balm and shown to heal wounds faster. Our fleece contains greater trace amounts of lanolin. 

Higher grade twin-face fleece leather has a denser inner wool pile which improves the structural rigidity of the boot without compromising comfort. This is why our boots retain their shape and support for longer. Other boots by comparison slant to the side causing problems for ankles and resulting tightness in your calves.

Our boots are reinforced with a suede heel guard which is designed to both protect and support your ankle. Sizing and support should not be overlooked as Ozalia boots often become your most worn piece of footwear. The EVA sole will wear to the shape of your foot within the first 2-3 weeks of wear creating a boot which if sized correctly will be indulgently comfortable and good for the health of your foot.